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As an IRS 501 (c)(3) free standing community-based and community-guided not-for-profit organization in the heart of Inwood, ICS has survived financially over the past 36+ years through essentially three sources of revenue:

  • Government contracts attained through rigorous RFP (Request for Proposal) processes
  • Medicaid, Medicare and insurance fees for ICS's professionally-licensed clinical services
  • The generosity of community residents and other ICS supporters

This last category of support enables ICS to enhance certain of its programs and activities and also offset the costs of what have become ICS traditions: the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Fund and the annual ICS Christmas Holiday Toy Drive.

Please consider contributing to ICS by clicking on the PayPal button below. Thank you for helping ICS continue its mission of service.

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ics-icons-adult-literacyICS has offered Adult Literacy and Education Programs to Northern Manhattan since 1987.

Our programs are designed to assist immigrant adults and youth over 16 to acquire English language, Civics and other skills needed for employment, self-sufficiency, and to pursue further education.

A professional instructional staff offers high quality ESOL or EL/Civics training that provides English language within the context of each student’s needs and expectations, fostering personal development for students as workers, family members, community participants and potential future citizens. Classes are enlivened with questions of personal and community goals and problem-solving so that students emerge from classes as more empowered and proactive individuals, parents, workers, and voters.

Through a three-tiered approach of language instruction, personal goal development, and enhancement of general learning and literacy skills, participation in ICS’s Adult Literacy programs is a gateway to increased opportunities for employment, education, training, citizenship status, and responsible citizenry.

In addition to ESOL and EL/Civics classes, the program offers Health Literacy classes.

For more information, contact:

Cyn Andreozzi
Program Director
(212) 942-0043 Ext: 126

Diana Fernandez
Program Assistant
(212) 942-0043 Ext: 128

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